8GB of RAM
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8GB of RAM

February 19, 2013

Previous month I was buying a new laptop. Because of the good experience with my old HP nx7300, I didn’t even think about any other brands, like Asus or something similar. After 15 minutes of searching the decision has been made. HP Pavilion dv6.   For that money (800€) it a monster of laptop. Processor intel core i7 (2,2 GHz), Radeon HD 7690M XT and 8GB of RAM. My first thought was: “Ahhhh, who will need all this RAM”. Until then I have survived with 3GB of RAM, and I really didn’t need more of it. Now look at the following picture.

Today I was playing with Photoshop, and just for joke enabled 7GB of available RAM for Photoshop. It is really running like lubricated (Slovenian translation for: “Teče kot podmazano”), but waaaaaat: 7,25GB of RAM?



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