New photoshop CS6

New photoshop CS6

October 18, 2012

So, the new Photoshop CS6 Beta is available for download. Is it worth to install it?

I downloaded it (1,6 GB), unziped it, and finally install it. After one day of using it, what can I say? Hmmmmm… It cool, but I will wait for the complete release.
– A more attractive user interface (almost black)
– Auto save
– Integrated lorem ipsum generator
– Paragraphs styles: It’s awesome, whey you are designing a website, it will simplify the need of consistency (it’s only one click away)
– Now you can filter layers by name (also search it by type it’s name), type, color, …. If you are using the color options in layer categorization, you will love this feature.
– Performance (I opened 48MB large PSD file, and it taked 1 minutes and 20 second. With Photoshop CS5, the PSD was opened in 30 seconds. Maybe we just need to wait for the complete release)
– An awful logo
So, my advice: If you have a powerful computer, that you have to download the CS6, but if you can afford only a crap 5 years old laptop (like me), than use CS5 until the complete release will be available on torrents sites 🙂

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