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.NET Core Web App Docker and MSSQL Docker
Magento 2
Magento 2 Admin URL
A lot of things changed in Magento 2, also some of it’s core feature too. For example Magento 2 Admin URL address. Each Magento 2 installation instance in fact generate a random Magento 2 Admin URL. The goal is to minimize the exposure to bots that want to gain unauthorized access to Magneto 2 Admin is minimized. […]
Flyout menu Xamarin Android
The flyout menu has become a good practice, on the both main mobile platform: Android and iOS. And on bot,  there is a native implementation of it available. At work, I had to use this control, for an android project…. build with the Xamarin tool. After a short time of searching, I found the very […]
Check if the given URL is leading to a 404 page
With all the features, CMSs are giving us today, one of the cutest is certainly a custom 404 page. Just look what are designers doing with it. It’s almost art 🙂 However, I also made a custom 404 page for one of my project, and I wanted to test if the server is also returning […]
“Prevent” users to steal data from your webpage
OK, I know the title is kind of funny, but funny titles are increasing your curiosity, and the chance that you will read this article 🙂 However, every geek, that has a little knowledge about the web, know the we can not prevent that a user will copy our text or images from our website. […]