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.NET Core Web App Docker and MSSQL Docker
In this post I will demonstrate how to put together a .NET Core Web App Docker development environment with a MSSQL Docker development environment using Visual Studio. When I started researching how to put together a .NET Core Web App Docker development environment, I thought it will be something like disused in my previous posts […]
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Docker Magento 2
This is the third Docker post in a row and the sequel to Docker WordPress. For this Docker Magento 2 development environment I chose the prepared containers from mageinferno, who published this tutorial: magento2-docker-compose. Unlike setting up Docker for WordPress, there are a little more steps to achieve a working Docker Magento 2 development environment: Setting up Docker […]
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Docker Cheat Sheet
Here we go… my second docker related post. I am quite in love with it, so expect some more stuff about it 🙂 I will put down some of the Docker Cheat Sheet command, that I use on the daily base when working with Docker. If you think, I should include some of yours Docker Cheat Sheet, […]
Docker WordPress
I have been using with Docker for a while now. Mostly for running isolated Docker WordPress and Docker Magento 2 development environment. With it’s docker-compose you can really automate/optimize the process of creating a new isolated development environment for a new project. If we take for example WordPress, we need 3 containers: wordpress:latest (container with […]
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How to collaborate using git (merging simplified)
Let me show you an example of three co-workers (persons) working on the same project (using git). To minimize the effort of merging, it is recommended to use a separate branch for each worker. For example: For worker 1 branch: test1 For worker 2 branch: test2 For worker 3 branch: test3 And the end of the day […]