System administration
The fastest (and correct) way to transfer a WP site from localhost to the hosting server
System administration
How to enable large file upload
If you are reading this, your web server (with PHP as back-end technology) probably won’t upload larger files. Like 30MB or more. For this issue exist an easy solution. Just follow the following four steps: In the root folder of your website create a .htaccess file Inside this file, insert the following text (which will raise […]
System administration
8GB of RAM
Previous month I was buying a new laptop. Because of the good experience with my old HP nx7300, I didn’t even think about any other brands, like Asus or something similar. After 15 minutes of searching the decision has been made. HP Pavilion dv6.   For that money (800€) it a monster of laptop. Processor intel core […]
“Prevent” users to steal data from your webpage
OK, I know the title is kind of funny, but funny titles are increasing your curiosity, and the chance that you will read this article 🙂 However, every geek, that has a little knowledge about the web, know the we can not prevent that a user will copy our text or images from our website. […]
Detecting mobile web browser
How to detect that the user is using a web browser on mobile phone? The following PHP code can detect it by scanning the user agent string.
New photoshop CS6
So, the new Photoshop CS6 Beta is available for download. Is it worth to install it? I downloaded it (1,6 GB), unziped it, and finally install it. After one day of using it, what can I say? Hmmmmm… It cool, but I will wait for the complete release. Advantages: – A more attractive user interface […]