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WordPress Continuous Deployment
.NET & Docker
.NET Core Web App Docker and MSSQL Docker
In this post I will demonstrate how to put together a .NET Core Web App Docker development environment with a MSSQL Docker development environment using Visual Studio. When I started researching how to put together a .NET Core Web App Docker development environment, I thought it will be something like disused in my previous posts […]
Magento 2
Magento 2 Admin URL
A lot of things changed in Magento 2, also some of it’s core feature too. For example Magento 2 Admin URL address. Each Magento 2 installation instance in fact generate a random Magento 2 Admin URL. The goal is to minimize the exposure to bots that want to gain unauthorized access to Magneto 2 Admin is minimized. […]
Docker & Programming tools
Docker Magento 2
This is the third Docker post in a row and the sequel to Docker WordPress. For this Docker Magento 2 development environment I chose the prepared containers from mageinferno, who published this tutorial: magento2-docker-compose. Unlike setting up Docker for WordPress, there are a little more steps to achieve a working Docker Magento 2 development environment: Setting up Docker […]
Docker & Programming tools
Docker Cheat Sheet
Here we go… my second docker related post. I am quite in love with it, so expect some more stuff about it 🙂 I will put down some of the Docker Cheat Sheet command, that I use on the daily base when working with Docker. If you think, I should include some of yours Docker Cheat Sheet, […]
Docker WordPress
I have been using with Docker for a while now. Mostly for running isolated Docker WordPress and Docker Magento 2 development environment. With it’s docker-compose you can really automate/optimize the process of creating a new isolated development environment for a new project. If we take for example WordPress, we need 3 containers: wordpress:latest (container with […]
System administration
Bash script: mysql database backup
There is my approach to backup a mysql database. I have put all the required parameters in bash variables, so the code can be easily reusable. In addition to the core functionality (making backup) there is also the functionality to delete the older files that the specified number of days. For example, we can set […]
Programming tools
How to collaborate using git (merging simplified)
Let me show you an example of three co-workers (persons) working on the same project (using git). To minimize the effort of merging, it is recommended to use a separate branch for each worker. For example: For worker 1 branch: test1 For worker 2 branch: test2 For worker 3 branch: test3 And the end of the day […]
Flyout menu Xamarin Android
The flyout menu has become a good practice, on the both main mobile platform: Android and iOS. And on bot,  there is a native implementation of it available. At work, I had to use this control, for an android project…. build with the Xamarin tool. After a short time of searching, I found the very […]
WordPress site not visible on google
In the previous week a desperate new client came to me with a huge SEO problem (viewed from his eyes). More precisely, the client owned a WP site for a while now, like 1 year. After all this time, the google search engine hasn’t indexed even one page. Even if you type the site domain […]