March 2013

Check if the given URL is leading to a 404 page
System administration
The fastest (and correct) way to transfer a WP site from localhost to the hosting server
I have wasted so many time (and also so many times), trying to figured out what is wrong with the WP instillation on the web hosting server, that I decided to write the correct procedure to my blog. In this way I will never forget, and maybe you will also have some benefit of it 🙂 OK, […]
System administration
How to enable large file upload
If you are reading this, your web server (with PHP as back-end technology) probably won’t upload larger files. Like 30MB or more. For this issue exist an easy solution. Just follow the following four steps: In the root folder of your website create a .htaccess file Inside this file, insert the following text (which will raise […]